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I hope so too! It will be a refreshing change in the show.

I hope so too! It will be a refreshing change in the show.

Mindy charms Danny’s mom in tonight’s Mindy Project episode “Annette Castellano is my Nemesis”

"Annette Castellano is my Nemesis"
Mindy’s first meeting with Danny’s mom doesn’t go quite as well as she thought it would!

Mindy meets Danny's mom

  1. Mindy: Your mother loves me! :D
  2. Danny: ... She thinks you're my cleaning lady
  3. Mindy: =| ... =O!!!
The coming of new season(s)

September is that magical time when you stop perpetually sweating, the trees mellow into warm colours and TV comes alive with new shows.

What am I looking forward to this season? Why, I’m glad you asked! Here is my list for Fall 2014:
- Scandal (last season wasn’t the greatest, but I have hope!)
- Downton Abbey (yes, it’s “only on in the UK”, but the internet was invented for a reason!)
- Parenthood (final season y’all)
- The Good Wife (again, last season was okay, but I have faith in this one!)
- The Mindy Project (so psyched to have this back!)
- The Vampire Diaries (I don’t even know why)

New shows I am looking forward to trying:
- How To Get Away With Murder
- Wayward Pines

What are YOU watching this year?